Welcome to the Wishing Well

Welcome to the Wishing Well!  

This is your opportunity to fulfill a lifelong wish - something you have always wanted to do,  to say, to see, to hear, somewhere you have always wanted to go, or someone you have always wanted to meet.  Life is about living and we want to help you live your life to the fullest…  With no wish left behind.  The Wishing Well is an opportunity for residents of York County age 65 and over  to think about that one wish they have had that was never fulfilled  due to the demands of a life well-lived.  It is our goal to make that wish come true.  For you.  Please submit your application!


1. All applications that are submitted will be considered.  

2. Applicants may submit an application.  If you are nominating someone else,  please let that person know that you are nominating them.  

3. Although we would love to grant everyone’s wish, we cannot.  Applications will be shredded at the conclusion of the selection process to maintain confidentiality of those not selected.  

4. For Official Rules, please mail your request to the York County Elder Abuse Task Force, 4 Summer Street, Kennebunk ME  04043

Application and Preview Project 41!

Click on the link below to apply or nominate someone! You will also find an example of a wish that we granted: Project 41!

YCEATF The Wishing Well (docx)


Project41portfolio (doc)